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Serving Plano, Frisco, McKinney & Surrounding areas.

Now there is a faster, drier and cheaper way to clean your carpet. At Reliant Dry Carpet Cleaning, we offer carpet cleaning services at a price that others can not compete with. No gimmicks and no schemes. Just clean carpet at a price that will make your budget happy. In addition, your carpet will be left free of soil attracting residues and will be dry in just a matter of minutes. For the best savings, take advantage of our online scheduling and secure your appointment now.

4 Rooms Just $65!

Wow, how do we do it? Easy, we have a very effective and efficient cleaning system that allows us to get your carpet cleaner, faster. In addition, we use online scheduling to cut down on phone staff. This is why you must schedule online to receive this great price. We save money and pass the savings on to you. Don’t worry, you will receive an email confirmation and we will call you when we are on the way to you on the day of your cleaning.

Our “Crystal Clean” Process
Steam Cleaning
Dry in 15 minutes to an hour. 24 to 48 hours drying time.
No soil attracting residue. Soap and detergent left behind to attract soil.
Affordably priced, starting at 4 rooms for $65.* Basic spot cleaning is included. Average price of $40 to $50 a room with normal extra charges for spots and stains.
No noisy or messy machinery and your doors will stay closed. Loud and often leaky equipment and your door must remain open during cleaning.
No soggy carpet and no possibility of mildew growth. Heat and moisture can contribute to mildew growth.
Stains do not return. Our product crystalizes, trapping the soil for complete removal. Steam cleaning pushes stains down and they wick back up as it dries.

The “Crystal Clean” Process

So how does our process work then? First, we vacuum your carpet to remove loose dry soil from your floor. Next, we apply our oxygen powered crystal clean solution to all areas of the carpet paying extra attention to heavy traffic areas and spots. After giving the solution a few minutes to break down the soil, we remove it with 100 percent cotton bonnets on a floor machine. The machines are able to gently clean all sides of the fiber and get to all of the deep down dirt. Finally, we groom your carpet to lift the pile and allow it to dry. The beauty of our process is that any leftover moisture will crystalize upon drying and is removed at the next vacuuming. This allows us to remove more soil than other methods and leaves the carpet with no soil attracting residue.


We have some of the best prices in the industry. This price includes everything needed for your regular carpet cleaning such as vacuuming, pre-treatment, spot cleaning, bonnet extraction and grooming. There may be a slight charge for specialty spotting and restoration work.

Rooms Our Price
(with online booking discount)
Frisco/McKinney Area Average
Up To 4 Rooms $65 $160-$200
5 Rooms $80 $200-$250
6 Rooms $95 $240-$300
Additional Rooms +$15 +$40-$50

Serving: Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Princeton, Prosper and surrounding areas.

*Stairs are considered a room.
*A room is an area up to 200 square feet.
*There may be extra charges for extreme soiling and specialty stains.